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MSD has come out with what is called a 3D version of the MSD fuel/ignition controller. What is the difference in it and the old 2D version? The older version controlled the addition or subtraction of fuel based only on RPM and the new 3D version controls it based on RPM and Throttle Position.

So why the change? As long as you are doing basic mods like a exhaust and a mild cam you can get away with 2D mapping but when you are going to do more extensive mods you would need more control or what I call resolution to control the fuel. Example: Wide open throttle and part throttle at 5000 rpm will definately need different amounts of fuel once you really modify the engine. Actually even in stock form it does but the requirements are not so far apart that the 2D is not really a issue.

You might be saying well the older version is fine for me, well MSD no longer makes it so the new 3D version is all that is left. The new 3D version also has a extra port or plug in on it.  Kinda hush hush right now as to what it will be for but the new one has some growth potential.

You also might ask yourself, do I need to replace my 2D version with the new version? Not unless you like giving me money!! If it is working for what you have now then no need to change it, no advantage for you.

You still can control ignition timing, rev limits, speed limits etc on the new version and there is still 10 programmable positions on the unit. Notice I said programmable not programmed. MSD does provide some basic maps but they don't match anything really and would not recommend using them.

Speaking of these fuel maps, Hunterworks has once again done the work for you on the fuel maps to match up with what we sell. We have a map for a stock exhaust, Muzzy Exhaust and the Stage II Rhino cam already loaded in the unit when you buy it from us. How did we get them? We took our Rhino 700 took it back to stock, then muzzy then added the cam and developed the maps on our dyno. Please realize we may not be as inexpensive as some offering these units. Why? Because we bought a rhino years ago, bought a $30,000 dyno and spent all the man hours to develope the maps so you can just plug and play as long as you have these mods. Plus we can actually tech support them. Hunterworks has a very good working relationship with MSD and has been on the inside helping develop these units. We have had a working prototype for nearly a year before actual production.

Now if you are a Do It Yourselfer, then the new software is actually pretty easy work in but you would need a laptop and air/fuel ratio guage to make your own maps. The dyno is not needed just makes it quicker and easier when you are going at it alone. If you are going to make your own maps I suggest you get a driver and you with laptop and air/fuel ratio gauge in hand go riding. This won't take too long but but plan to set aside a few hours for this. There is a older tech article I wrote called Mapping in 3D Software. This article is just basic information but you should get the point.

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