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Hunterworks Belt FAQ's

Why is the HW belt harder to get on?

Mainly because all other models besides the XP 1000 the belt is thicker so therefore it is stiffer and a little harder to get on.

White washer?? You got two which one? 

The simple answer is std washer with std belt or any brand belt and thick washer with thick belt and only the thick comes with the the thick belt, the std is optional.  The STD belt does not 100% have to have the std washer that is optional, unless you are a high speed rider or low range high rpm rider but it is HIGHLY recommended. The STD washer is not connected to any belt, it is for a clue issue and overtravel of any belt.  The thick washer with the thick belt is 100% required or you will blow it. The HW Primary clutch does not need a washer unless you are using the Thick belt on it then it has a special stainless washer

If I buy the Thick belt with Thick Washer, can I run any other belt with it if I blow one on the trail? Only applicable to vehicles that are the RZR XP 1000 or use the RZR XP 1000 Belt!!

The Thick washer is ONLY to be used with our Thick Quiet belt because we intentionally shortened and widened it to spread the secondary clutch apart a fraction of an inch to stop the low speed squeal in some secondary clutches when you use a thicker belt.

The washers purpose is to allow us to make and use a belt that fixes the overtravel issue and low speed squealing coming from these secondary clutches all the while of allowing you to run a thicker belt that grabs better than the OE belt on most models.

However, you can in fact run the Thick Washer with any belt if you HAVE to but it will limit top speed just the same. 

Why does my secondary clutch turn in neutral or park?

Turning is normal, not turning is normal all depends on the amount of drag you might have in the primary bearing and if the belt is brand new it might be dragging on the side of the primary.  As long as it does not grind into gear or creep once in gear without you touching the gas then you are good to go. Even if it grinds into gear, drive it a couple days and break the belt in first.

Does it make a difference which direction you install a drive belt?

It doesn't matter which way you install the belt the first time, but it is important to keep the belt installed the same direction throughout the life of the belt.  If for any reason you have to take the belt off your machine, put it back on in the same rotation direction it was going when it was removed. An easy way to remember this is to always put the belt on so you can read the label on the belt.

How do you break in a Hunterworks belt?

Every new belt needs to be seated to the clutch faces.To accomplish this, break in a new belt by running your machine at half throttle or less for the first thirty miles. This will allow the belt to seat properly and provide optimum performance.  Then it will take roughly 100 miles for the belt to fully get limbered up etc, rpm during shift phase to return to normal and if you have any slight squealing to subside. 

Longer Video version on how to break a belt in

Does my new Hunterworks Belt have to be washed before use?

Not unless you got it dirty!! J/K but no you don't have to. Modern belts are not made in oily molds and this is not just our belts but most belts to be honest including a OEM.

Will the Hunterworks belts work on the Duraclutch?

No, they are a custom size.

Why do I smell belt after installing?

Notice your old belt and you will see you can see the cords on the side all the way around and a new belt ours or a OE the cord is not exposed all the way around, once driven the excess rubber wears off fast and causes a smell sometimes, once broken in that goes away.

Why is the cord showing some of the way around the belt?

All belts regardless of brand when new has the cord partially exposed, has to do with the way they are cut during manufacturing.  After you drive it a while or after break in, the excess rubber wears off, the cord wears even and then it would look the same all the way around, just like the one you are taking off now to replace with new.  OEM belts when new look same way. 

Why does shift phase RPM lower with a new belt?

Shift rpm is lower due to the belt being wider than a old one, it is not worn like your old one.  A new belt will get fully worn in or broke in around 200-300 miles and be much closer to shift phase rpm that a older belt had.  Of course if your old belt was badly worn, you won't see those RPM again until the next is badly worn.


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