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General Hunterworks Belt Information

Update info for belt: The information below was written before we offered Can Am and Yamaha belts so most of it applies to them but you can get some good information from this as well.

Finally we have the answer to the most popular question on social media only second to "How big of tires can I run?" LOL  The question is, "What is the BEST belt?"  Most times answered with OEM, so we went to a company and said we want to make our belt as good or better than the OEM one, I think we have done that very thing as all our testing shows that.  So the answer to the best belt question is simply, Hunterworks' belts, that's who!!!

Why do we have our own belts? We started selling the Gates brand and still do sell the Gates brand but Gates has supply issues, they backorder belts very regularly and as I have always said "you can't sell what you don't have". Of course the main reason was we wanted a quality product that met or exceeded OEM quality.

So I contacted an USA Made belt maker and I was put in touch with the lead engineer on UTV CVT belts at this unnamed company.   Between he and I we decided to make "The Belt the OEM will not make".  OEM manufacturers have a tendency to let money dictate exactly what they do and if you read our belt dimension article you know what I mean.

We are the very first in the industry to make two different belts for one model and that model is the XP 1000 depending on application, slow and loaded gets a thicker than normal size belt and faster guys get the standard size or should I say near standard size belt.

Keep in mind most everything a OEM does is middle of the road, Example: In clutching set ups,  Polaris uses a middle of the road approach.  A rock crawler and a duner do not need the same set up so they use a middle of road approach that will cover most people.  BTW, we have to assume they got that right and some models they don't do so well, anyway, they do the same thing on belts.  They too could offer two belts for applications but do not for costs reasons.

I would like to say that the OEM belts for all these models are in fact good belts. However, something to consider after reading our belt dimension article is our belt will be superior to every OEM belt on every model because we are using a thicker belt on all models.  The only one close to OEM is the standard thickness XP 1000 belt.  On this belt we will be as good or better and lots less money plus polaris does not warranty a belt!!!

So if you know anything about Hunterworks, we will only carry or sell top quality products, we strive to have the best products on the planet. I can't think of anything we sell now that someone sells something better. I guess we do now though, these belts are better than the Gates we have been selling for a while and will continue to as long as people want them however if asked which is better it will be ours of course.  I still think the Gates is a good belt and good price point, we simply now edge them out is all.

We bought a new RZR to do in house testing on, along with our Ranger 1000, have testers in dunes and desert in California, local Ranger 900 testers plus the engineering staff took vehicles to Moab and the desert along with numerous in house stress test.  The idea was to simply make the best belt you can buy and I am very positive we have done exactly that.

I want to thank you for your continued support of Hunterworks and our products, you are the reason we are still here after 15 years!!!


Todd Eldridge
President of Hunterworks

Hunterworks Inc.
12097 Kelly Lane

Collinsville, MS 39325
Phone: 601-771-0070
Fax 601-771-0073

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