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The following are reviews either emailed or found on social media sites that we have copy and pasted here.

I am keeping this review at the top!!

I have had a HW Belt on my 15 Highlifter for 2000 miles , and I get drunk sometimes!! 

Robert, on FB

I ordered one of your new belts and it works just as you described. My 2017 rzr high lifter screamed like a banshee. I have 32" tall tires and we do a lot of trail riding and was like a megaphone through the snorkels. I installed last night and took it for the first test drive and it is a 100% better. It's quieter than it has ever been. It took less than 20min to install. It is well worth the money and i will be recommend it to others. We will see how does in the mountains trail riding. I will keep you posted on the future of this belt for what I see as we run it. 

Thank you for your hard work 


I sent a couple email over the weekend about the kit install for my 900 4.

I wanted to let you know that this thing hooks up SOOOO much better.

The factory setup and jerky start does not even compare to the Dalton kit.

Did it per the instructions and watching your videos made this a breeze.

Wanted to thank you for selling a great product and doing the videos to help

us folks that have never done it before. I put the HW belt on after testing

the new kit, once the break in was done on the belt, I am here to tell you

it’s a night and day difference between the OEM and the HW. No jerky

start and smooth engagement, this is how it should have come from the


Brian Ward


Thank you Todd for making such a superior product, your belt just survived the toughest one day off road race in the USA King of the Hammers. The belt performed flawlessly and out lasted my output shaft unfortunately. Broke down at mile 138 going up Outer Limits. Even with a snapped out put shaft we were still able to get back off course and drive back to camp under our own power in rear wheel drive, just couldn't drive the last one and a half rock trails to get the finish. So close to getting a finish. Out of the 118 UTV that started, I believe only 20 finished. I was one check point from being one of those thanks to your belt.




Mike #537

I was that guy b4 I tried hunterworks. Never imagined buying an non oem until I figured I'd give one a try. Thick belt on 17 highlighter rzr and has been great so far. Nearing 1000 miles of mountain mud and trails and it's still going strong. I recommend to everyone that asks now

Chris on FB

Hey Todd,

Cant say enough about how well your belt performed out at the dunes.

I never smelt the belt burn once, when typically I can smell Polaris belt a whole lot. Unless the compound is different and smells different, I didn’t notice. It was cold at new years, but still I normally smell it.


I don’t know much about the clutching. 6 months ago the “go to” belt was the oem for almost everyone especially the guys pushing the limits. Now everywhere you look it’s going to the hunter works belts. I’ve had one on my highlifter for about 700 miles with 32” heavy tires and no clutch modifications and it’s holding up great with everything I do

Chase on FB

Put the thick belt to the test last weekend and was really pleased how well it grabbed and pulled the 35s. No complaints from me

David on FB

Put over 1k miles on your belt so far with no problems. Happy Customer

Tyrell, on FB

Hello Todd, im emailing you to tell you how happy I am with ur belts, I have a 2014 rzr 1000 with Dalton clutch kit and I just blow my belt with 1181 miles on it, and I  drive it like I stole it. Your belt ran 18 degrees cooler then my Polaris belts ever did, and I usually get around 600 to 800 miles out of my belts, and I always keep my clutches clean after every weekend ride. Thx again I will be buying more belts from you.


My oem General belt lasted 50 miles, my Hunterworks has 800 miles on it now and still going strong. Key is cleaning the clutches when changing over and breaking in properly.

John on FB


Went rock crawling in my 900S and loved it, one way bearing

Did exactly what I wanted, also put new hunterworks

Belt on and everything is smoother, no slapping ftom

Belt, runs like a rubber band. thanx

We abuse these belts and rollers on all of our Rzr 1000’s and 900’s rental units here at GO FAST RENTALS without a problem

Jeremy  FB

I have 600 miles on mine working great Oregon Sandune‘s to high desert high speed

Mic on FB

Ive been through couple factory belts and have 1000 miles on this hunterworks belt. 1000 Highlifter and it still does great and runs 78 mph.

Robert on FB

I have the HW wide belt and so far so good. I actually bought two of them and my buddy needed a belt so I sold him one of the HW belts. He loves it over the Gates belt he was running. He said the Gates belt was terrible. Not sure why some people like certain belts and not others. It seems to be personal preference along with the unique characteristics of each clutch. He said the Gates belt slipped to easy. He like the stock OEM belt but he had it break on him and decided to try the Gates belt. He now runs the HW wide belt and is happy and has a used Gates belt for backup.

I have over 150 miles on my HW's wide belt and I will buy another. I ran my stock belt that came with my RZR for about 600 miles with no problem but I did have some jerky starts especially when cold. The HW's belt has fixed that and it seems to grab better at low speeds.

I have read other reviews of the HW works belt and it seems there were a couple that were not happy but I guess that either they got a dud belt or maybe it falls into that unique characteristics of these clutches. Who knows. But I am happy with mine and so is my friend. The stock belt is fine but it is expensive. It is nice to have some options or choices when it comes to getting a belt for our RZR's. Just like my friend doesn't like the Gates belt I am sure there will be people that don't like the HW belt or the OEM belt. Time will tell the true longevity of the HW works belt but so far so good for me.

RZR Forum. Backfire!

Have changed my share of OEM belts on different machines over the years. They always have little voids on the wear face. Not so with the Hunterworks belt. Really like what I see. Really good looking belt. All running on sand dunes. Clutch squalls under 10, so starts are hard throttle to get above 10 ASAP. Clutch face looks really great as well, nice and smooth. Also running in sand without cover, up to this time. Really liking what I see.

RZR Forum Sandblaster

Love mine, it’s so far ahead of the oe belt it’s not funny. Great belt great price!!!

Brad, FB RZR Nation

I have the xp1k thick belt on my highlifter rzr and it’s very impressive! Thanks Todd for these belts! One of the best upgrades I have done.

Michah, FB

Put one on my Xpt and wife's xp1000 and I'm very impressed! Only belt I'll run now.

Keith, FB

Huge thanks to Hunterworks for the hard work that they’ve put into this new belt! I beat the crap out of it in one of the toughest sxs races out their the Heartland challenge, 4 hrs of abuse. The belt held up great and worked amazing, no slipping or burning.
Squeak Smith

I was breaking a belt almost every ride. Now I am running an extra thick Hunter works belt and it is holding up great. Great product and about $60 cheaper than OEM. I am running 34” intimidators.

Sean, FB

Currently running Hunterworks thick belt with 32” outbacks and a heavy right foot. Had held up to some serious abuse so far.

Travis, FB

 Xpt i’ve been tearing it up for three or 400 miles I can’t complain.

I can blow a Gates belt in 20 miles

Pretty sure I was an OEM guy but this is definitely compare as far as I can tell

Mario on FB

They are beast, out a new one k my 900s and low gear it will lift the front tires off the ground.... no other belt has that grip.

Canderous on FB

We have a 2017 RZR 900 S with about 1300 miles on it. The chatter has been since brand new July 1, 2017. We called the dealer and were told we could bring it in but it was normal and to just give it some time to go away when broke in. This never happened until we ordered belt from you put it on Wednesday night and totally gone. We are amazed and two friends immediately went onto website and ordered a belt for theirs. Again thank you very much.

Tom & Barb

Just wanted to give you a quick shout Todd. You guys are really on to something with your new belts. Good job on the time it took to R&D these. The thick one I purchased for my xp4-1k and the other for my buddy's general woke both those machines up engagement is so much better and smooth as silk. Broken in 30 easy miles just like you said and by far the best belts we have used on our machines. Thanks again on making and bringing to market a top notch product.    Thanks



Just got back from a week trip in WV to the Hatfield McCoy trails. I put about 600 miles on my 1000s during the week, and had installed Todd’s thick belt the night prior to leaving for the trip. All I can say is the belt performed better then any stock I’ve ever run! No matter how steep the trail or how rocky the climb it never flinched. Couple this with his clutch kit and rollers and you hardly feel the clutch engage it’s so smooth. I didn’t matter if I was slowly crawling the rocks or doing 70mph down a fire road. The belt performed better then I ever expected it to. And for $120 I’ll never buy a stock belt or any other brand again!


From Facebook, a reply

Ive been giving mine hell, Holding up good so far, 300 miles in.


250 miles Hard miles Stage 3 tune #16xpt

Mario on FB

From RZR Forum

I have over 500 miles on this belt,, including one trip to the Rubicon a few weeks ago that put the belt to the test rock crawling at slow speeds, and another trip this weekend that was a high speed 155 mile round trip with minimal stops. So far I have been extremely happy with the belt and zero issues.

Tod, CA

So far it is doing great.300+miles

Jon  on FB RZR Nation

Phil here. Just wanted to let you know 300 miles in so far on your hd belt for my xp1k of hard trails and mud and so far so good. Thanks for an awesome as advertised product as usual. I wish you all the best with your business growth and will let you know when she goes past 600 miles!

Phillip FB RZR Nation

I got my belt put in earlier this morning and I have to say I was very impressed I did everything I could to try and get it to slip but every time it put the power to the ground flawlessly

Brad  on FB

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