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False Misfires with a Duraclutch 

There is a chance once you install the Duraclutch that you will get false misfires from the ECU, some vehicles like Rangers and Generals are worse and the RZR is rare.  Why? The way they program the ECU’s in these, they do not allow for much of a RPM change at any particular situation.  The ECU expects a range of RPM at these conditions, if it gets out of this range it will trip the misfire and send a code.  The allowable range is tighter on a General and Ranger.  The solution is, is if this occurs within first 100 miles of the install of the duraclutch then they will flash the ECU for free, you send it in with a form I would email you. The other option is if you ever wanted a tuner, we offer tuners to add the features of them and we can fix this issue as well, this option is not free though. 

The vehicles in order from most likely to least likely are Rangers, Generals then RZR

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