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Polaris, Yamaha and Can AM Clutching
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Polaris Install Videos
XP 900 Primary Disassembly
RZR 800 Clutch Removal
XP 900 Dalton Clutch Kit Install
XP 900/1000 Primary Complete Cleaning
Fuel Pressure Test
EBS Secondary Disassembly
RZR Rapid Reaction Disassembly
800 Primary Disassembly
800 Dalton Clutch Kit Install
V-Twin Valve Adjustment
Rhino Clutch Videos
Maverick Install Videos
HS Clutch Spider install video
Wet Clutch Install Video
Polaris XP 1000 Dalton
HD Primary Bearing Video
New Primary Bearing Install
Kawi Cam Install
800/570 Primary Clutch parts
900/1000 Parts Clutch Parts
Primary Basic Cleaning Video
Duraclutch Install
Wolverine Sheave Install
Yamaha Wolverine Bed Removal
2016 Secondary Helix
New Sheave Coating Prep
Coated Secondary Rollers
Ranger Inline Blower Install
RZR 1000/900 Blower Install
XP 1000 Duraclutch Install
New compressor video
16 and Newer Roller Install
Duraclutch Cleaning Video
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The following videos are for information only, nothing substitutes for experience, the correct tools and the use of a Service Manual. Please refer to the Service Manual for a more detailed method, proper tools and for all torque specifications.

Disclaimer: Hunterworks is not responsible for any part failure etc. Again this is for information only, not the only way to do things but just a way to do things and to help people understand their vehicles better.

Also the videos are broken up into different operations, example: if you need to know how to put a Dalton clutch kit in, you will need to watch the Clutch removal video, the secondary clutch disassembly video and the clutch kit video.

These videos also cover both the 570 RZR's and the Ranger 800's.

Answered!! What is the best belt for a RZR/Ranger/General?

Do you need a Clutch Kit or Not?

Polaris Engine Braking Explained

Ten Reasons your RZR or Ranger Belt Fails

How to remove the Clutch Cover on a RZR

How to Remove the Primary Clutch

How to Remove a Secondary Clutch

How to stop blowing belts and lower belt temps   (Blue Washer Install)

How to Change your Belt ( Three Ways)

All 2016-19 clutch kits and roller installs

2016-19 Secondary Clutch Helix Removal 

Polaris Primary Cleaning and Parts Explanation Video

XP 1000 Dalton Helix Change

Link to Polaris Clutches Explained

Secondary Clutch Disassembly for the HD design Secondary  (XP 900,XP 1000 LE 570 and select RZR 800 with EBS)

Secondary Clutch Disassembly for the Rapid Reaction Secondary (Ranger, select RZR 800, Std 570)

RZR 800 and S model Primary and Secondary Removal and Reinstallation

XP 900 and XP 1000 Dalton Clutch kit

RZR 800 Dalton Clutch Kit Install. (includes S model)

XP 900 Cleaning and replacing Primary bearing

How To Check Fuel Pressure and make a fuel pressure gauge  

Polaris 800 Primary Disassembly and Reassembly ( RZR 800, S and Ranger 800)

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